About Us

Having as driver the love for art and painting and as co-driver one long-term experience in the motorized world, we created Art Gallery A.C., with the worldwide awarded works of art of the honored artist and exclusive partner, Tasos Chonias.

Our gallery isn't limited in the union of these two beloved branches, but contains a variety of paintings of a wide spectrum, inspired by the talent and passion of the artist.

All the paintings are oil on linen canvas. Tasos Chonias has the ability to stir emotions, tell stories and extend the borders of art, with just one painting. This is one of the reasons to get to know him through his works of art.

Represent our works of art in your country

Send us your email at info@artgalleryac.com to learn how to become our partners and suggest your own cooporation idea.

Our Team

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Tasos Chonias


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Kostas Apostolopoulos

Assistant Manager

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Mirsini Akarepi

Sales - Communication Manager

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Stellina Asimakopoulou

Secretarial Support